Why I Started a Miner’s Pension Blog

Since the privatisation of United Kingdom’s Coal mines— Coal Miners have been deceived into believing that they have been given a good deal in regards to their contributed Pension Schemes. In the beginning (1995/96)  75% 25% in favour of the miners seemed a reasonable solution seeing that the government was Scheme’s guarantor but it never saw light of day and was replaced by a 50%/50% scenario which left a bitter taste in the mouths of coalworkers.

In order to whet your appetite for more knowledge please visit the Miners Advice Website: Miners Advice

Why not visit our Facebook pages: we are supporting the miners

also  Miners Pension Fight— Wales

As time goes by I’ll be updating this blog and report on how the fight is progressing.

In the meantime could you please sign our petition– that is if you agree that we are doing the right thing: Miners Pension Petition

Sunday 20th November 2016

The absenteeism committee

A short story about young coalminers



Author: miners pension fight

I am a retired coal miner; I worked below ground for 26 years. I am also an activist for Miners Pension Fight group. We are campaigning to attain a renegotiation of our Pension agreement, as we are saying that, the pension deal is too one sided, considering that the government has put nothing into the scheme but has taken out billions of pounds. Look here www.minersadvice.co.uk or type: Miners Pension Fight into your browser and start looking at the support and evidence that abounds.

One thought on “Why I Started a Miner’s Pension Blog”

  1. Between I’ll health and family commitments we are slowing our Road Shows, but rest assured we will return very soon. We will be handing out to anyone who will volunteer, pin badges, bearing the words Miners Pension Fight For Justice. Keep an eye on our Facebook group ‘we are supporting the Miners.’


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