We are getting there

The Miners Fight For Justice petition is slow going. I think it’s being suppressed! Why do I suspect that the petition is being compromised? When we started the 38degrees Miners Fight for Justice back last August is was immediately taken up by our supporters  we were getting 200 plus signatures a day. After two weeks the petition numbers nose dived. From around 200 signatures per day down to about a dozen or so. It became more evident that the petition was being compromised, I began looking at the names list; this list announced the last five first names, I became suspicious as I wasn’t seeing any Islamic or Asian first names in the lists. Many times a day I checked for the numbers and recorded them, but very rarely an Asian name appeared in the list. Our leader Mr Ken Sullivan contacted 38degrees, but they denied that their computers were being compromised. We suffered low numbers for many months, then we had an idea. This idea was to start a fresh petition a parliamentary petition. Ken Sullivan submitted the relevant information and told to wait for verification! We waited one week–nothing happened, then after the second week the new petition went live! It looked promising at first but quickly settled down to just a few a day. Week after week both petitions were very slow. It was now evident that both petitions were being compromised!

We have reverted to a paper petition and numbers are well into the hundreds each week.

We now have promotional pin badges designed by me, which can be ordered from http://www.mrtsshirt.co.uk

if you’d like to support our cause why not visit the seller and enter in the ‘note to seller box’ Miners Pension Fight For Justice. Many thanks for taking the time in reading this.

For more information regarding our fight please visit Facebook and type into the browser; we are supporting the Miners.

Author: miners pension fight

I am a retired coal miner; I worked below ground for 26 years. I am also an activist for Miners Pension Fight group. We are campaigning to attain a renegotiation of our Pension agreement, as we are saying that, the pension deal is too one sided, considering that the government has put nothing into the scheme but has taken out billions of pounds. Look here www.minersadvice.co.uk or type: Miners Pension Fight into your browser and start looking at the support and evidence that abounds.

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